About the Church

You are highly blessed and favoured for this special time of visiting this site. Chapel Of Glory is an international Pentecostal Church comprises of all human race (Multi-racial Church). We are full Gospel Charismatic faith congregation with branches in Germany and Spain.

Holy Spirit declares the mind of God concerning this Church, that He is interested in the LIFE, HEART, FAITH and FREEDOM of mankind, which is a divine commission and goal for this Ministry.


That you may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering being made conformable unto His death
Phil. 3:10


» To know God by HIS WORD and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.
» To build a congregation that walks in Obedience, Holiness and faithfulness unto the Lord in all manners.
» To proclaim the liberty that is in Christ Jesus to the captives and to them that are bound freedom.

God would like to see believers serving Him in truth and in spirit. Being delivered from the power of darkness by the anointing of Holy Ghost, healed, blessed and victorious inherit His kingdom at the end of age.

Therefore we are mandated to -

» To win the lost souls to Christ as He commanded the church.
» To establish believers in the word of God in order to have deeper knowledge of whom God is, and to be transformed unto his likeness.
» To worship God in Spirit, Truth and Purity.
» To fellowship together in LOVE and UNITY of Christ.
» To prepare a liberated church through the victory Christ won for us at Calvary
» To have a disciplined church that respect and recognize the presence and the move of the Holy Spirit.
» To prepare a glorious church for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.